Tips On Buying Skypod Aluminium Roof Lanterns

What Are Skypod Aluminium Roof Lanterns?

Skypod aluminium roof lanterns are composed and made from a wooden PVC frame fitted with glass, that slots into a ceiling above. This allows you the chance to incorporate natural light from above, in buildings that may have usual layouts. Some buildings being so closely confined together, are sometimes unable to have windows. This indicates this problem. This style of window design was first developed during the Georgian Era. This is the first period in time where conservatories were first being built. These were extremely popular because without the use of electricity or gas, this natural lighting was a great option to light up interior rooms.


Skypod aluminium roof lanterns

Windows and

Skypod aluminium roof lanterns came from structures called Oranges that were popular in countries like France and Italy at the start of the sixteenth century. They were originally made from frames stacked in the shape of bricks, where a large glass window piece was slotted in the middle. The original purpose of this design was to help to grow vegetation such as Oranges, hence the name’ under controlled artificial conditions.


During the early days of glass being formed and produced, everything was done by hand and manually, therefore making the cost of production more expensive. Towards the end of the Victorian era, machines slowly started to take over the role of production, making roof lanterns cheaper to make and thus more accessible.


People began to introduce and incorporate wooden roof lanterns inside their houses, public stores and libraries as a domestic commodity. Sometimes these structures were extremely vulnerable to leaks and weather damage, due to the construction process not being 100 per cent accurate because of the shortage of acute tools and precision. Heat also escaped due to the glazing not being airtight. During the early days, these roof lanterns were operated by a crank steel rod in order to open and close the windows.  

Sealed glass panels

Luckily in this day and age, people are able to buy double glazing superior glass that comes with sealing material products. Windows can also be electrical and automated, these new modern improvements still give the windows a contemporary look but combine innovative ideas that lead to longevity. Also with the use of durable dyes and paintwork, this quality ensures that the roof lanterns will stand the test of time with minimal maintenance work required to keep them looking new.

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